Built utopia

In this project, a built utopia combines a habitat and its socio-physical designs which, together, are proposed by a person or a group to improve upon a group’s historically experienced circumstances.

Fictional utopia

A fictional utopia is usually imagined by an individual and may be presented in written form (prose, play script, poem), as a painting or some other still image including a design for a settlement, as a film, a musical composition, dance or other movement, etc. A fictional utopia may serve to some extent as a model for real-life utopias, but cannot be replicated completely in real-life conditions.


Provinces of Canada

AB Alberta

BC British Columbia

MB Manitoba

NB New Brunswick

NL Newfoundland and Labrador

NS Nova Scotia

ON Ontario

PE Prince Edward Island

QC Québec

SK Saskatchewan


In the context of land division and geographic locations:

D.M.S. Degree, Minute, Second location system

DD Degree Decimal location system

D.L.S. Dominion Land Survey